Style guides and dictionaries


I can ensure that your project conforms to a particular style guide, such as one of those listed below. Or I can develop a custom style guide for the project or an in-house style guide for your organization.


Some common style guides


• Canadian Press Stylebook (CP)

• Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (“McGill Guide”)

• The Canadian Style

• The Chicago Manual of Style

• MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing

• Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association  (APA)

• Scientific Style and Formal  (CSE)




Let me know if you would like the spelling in your document to follow a particular dictionary. These are some of the best-known:

• The Canadian Oxford Dictionary

• The Concise Oxford Dictionary

• Gage Canadian Dictionary

• ITP Nelson Canadian Dictionary of the English Language

• Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary